By nature, antiques may have been damaged or broken over the centuries, parts have gone missing, the gilding may be worn out, paintings have holes, missing ornaments or have been over-painted improperly with gold, clocks may not be working, silver cutlery incomplete or the cutlery crate lost. Baroque, Empire or Biedermeier furniture may have missing veneer parts, carved pieces may be incomplete, the surface may have become dull over the decades since the last restoration, or the veneer surfaces may be distorted or drawers jammed.

After 40 years of business restoration has become an important part of our work, which is why we have numerous contacts to the best restorers and craftsmen, – amongst their customers are also Viennese museums –, who themselves can draw on decades of experience in the conservation of antiques and works of art of all kinds: furniture restorers, clockmakers, gilders for metals, metal workers for castings and engravings, sculptors for carvings and gildings, paper restorers, painting restorers, glass and porcelain restorers but also carpenter workshops for the production of cutlery boxes and gold frames for paintings and watercolours.

We advise you in restoring furniture, the renewal of veneer parts and polishes whilst preserving the original antique surface, the complementation of carved and gilded parts, sculptural works of all kinds and the covering of gold coating as to restore original gilding, the reproduction of frames in antique style for your paintings, the restoration of antique plaster frames, fire gilding of wood and metals, the reproduction of metal parts in steel and brass, guilloche, chrome plating or nickel plating of metal parts, silvering, complementing antique keys, the bluing and manufacturing of steel hands, the restoration and reproduction of enameled and silvered dials, the restoration of oil paintings, paper works and miniatures or servicing of your antique clock with our clockmakers and master workshops.

Silver Cutlery

We offer all necessary works around your silver cutlery: Knife blades are exchanged for stainless blades, cutlery parts polished to a high gloss, damaged parts aligned or replaced if necessary. For your loose silver cutlery, we manufacture exclusive cutlery boxes based on original templates made of mahogany or oak wood with chrome-plated handles using deerskin or velvet as interior fittings. The box will be completely adapted to your wishes.

Also, engravings for monograms and armorial engravings can be done. Our carpenters can renew existing cutlery boxes and the metal parts can be re-nickeled. Missing pieces of cutlery in every shape and size can be added to the original, interior fittings can be made of every material and colour. Our specialists and blacksmiths are happy to help you with any kind of silverwork.


We gladly provide you with contacts to restoration workshops and can, by request, have your antique furniture, artworks or clocks restored. Send us pictures of your objects and we will make a cost estimate. Use our contact form.